Saturday, June 2, 2012

Memorial Daze

The long weekend was very much overdue. My goal was to nothing but relax all weekend and I managed to do that pretty well. I spent the morning of memorial day at my parent's house enjoying the peaceful quiet of the suburbs. Their house is under renovation so we gladly escaped outside and sat for hours under the large tree sipping lemon water and catching up on life.
These types of things do make my mind wander from the love of living in the concrete jungle and give me a desire for an outside area of my own. I can't say I'd want to move to a neighborhood, but a patio or roof area would fill my craving.

For lunch, my mom made me a chicken salad to accommodate my gluten free needs while the rest of the family filled up on chicken salad sandwhiches.
When the heat became a little too much I rested indoors feeling the cool breeze come through their west facing windows. 

The weekend was mostly documented through my instagram feed, so take a look!


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