Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Glazed Almonds

Some dear friends of ours enjoy cooking amazing food as a hobby, and because we live so close we often do them a favor by helping them eat it. Our friends Celeste and Aubrey seriously make the best food, and are super generous in inviting us to dinner parties that include everything from starter cocktails paired with the appetizer to roasted chicken with some delicious vegetable in the prime of it's season. I've learned so much from Celeste and am hoping that she does start her much anticipated blog someday soon so that I can truly steal all of her secrets, but for now leaning over her shoulder and taking in the scents while I bombard her with questions will have to suffice.

When they invite us to dinner parties I'm often asked to make dessert with only one rule - I must be able to eat it. Since going gluten free almost 2 years ago, I've really steered away from baking and when I do it's usually something that I'm not able to eat because being the one gluten intolerant person in a group, I'm not going to make everyone else suffer with my modified recipes when they could enjoy the real deal.
Last time we were invited I needed to use ingredients that I had on hand, which at the time was not much. I looked through my cupboard and found some almonds, sugar, and chocolate chips which I knew was just about all I needed for some candied almonds.